MOUTHGUARDS - UA Hoops Mouthguard
MOUTHGUARDS - UA Hoops Mouthguard

UA Hoops Mouthguard

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UA Hoops low profile design is designed specifically for basketball, with its dentist-like fit for easier breathing and on-court communication without sacrificing protection.

UA Hoops mouthguard provides protection to the teeth, jaw and gums.


The ArmourFit™ material molds to the teeth for protection and comfort, without being bulky.

  • The single shot design provides a tight, custom fit.
  • The mouthguard is highly Chew Resistant
  • The ArmourFit™ material is “hydrophobic”--it will not absorb water and will not deteriorate
  • Re-fittable
  • 45 seconds Microwave or 30 seconds easy boil and bite for custom-like fit
  • Latex Free
  • Meets NFHS rules
  • Not for use with Braces
  • Available in ONE size: Age 11+
  • Made in USA


  • UA Hoops Mouthguard
  • Fitting Instructions